24 Dec 2010

Category    Heritage Preservation
Issue Central Market Renovation
News Content Urban Renewal Authority spokesman Lawrence Yau said the 70-year-old Central Market will turn into an oasis in the concrete jungle of Central though it may end up over budget a bit. He said strengthen the building’s structure to support an area of greenery on its rooftop will add to cost, but he did not specify how much it will cost. He said the URA would come up with three or four options for the market’s design in the first quarter of next year for public consultation. And it was likely to attract bookstores or cafes.
Questions Green is hip or at least politically correct. But it is only part of the story, not the whole of it. It is important to remember it is a heritage preservation project. And when we are talking about heritage preservation, there should be something we really want to preserve. A piece of the past maybe. And questions follow. Firstly, what particular piece of the past do we cherish? And who’s past? And how doest it link to the present? And how does it connect to the site, the central market? And how does it relate to the rooftop? All the questions are unanswered or at least not very important in the eyes of the government. What an interesting project. We preserve for an unnamed past, present and future. And while preserving the site, we simply forget.