28 Dec 2010

Category    One Country Two Systems Principle
Issue Premier Wen tells Tsang to be prepared
News Content Premier Wen Jiabo told visiting Chief Executive Donald Tsang that Hong Kong should boost its financial competitiveness, improve citizen’s livelihood and plan ahead for its long-term prosperity and stability. Tsang concluded his visit last Thursday. Before leaving Beijing, he met Premier Wen at Zhongnanhai. Tsang said the conflicts Wen referred to were the problems created by market instabilities and inflation. Tsang believes it is universal problem, implying SAR government could not do much. But he added he had briefed Wen that his administration had taken measures such as the establishment of the Community Care Fund, the legislation of minimum wage, and transport subsidies for grass-roots residents to narrow the rich-poor gap.
Questions Wen’s remarks fails to take a holistic view on Hong Kong’s development. Hong Kong’s economic prosperity does not cling on a single industry. The social problems are not solely determined by the global economy. It is co-produced locally by SAR government.