9 AUG 2011

Category Infrastructure Development
Issue Public Consultation on the third runway of Hong Kong International Airport.
News Content Upon the enormous pressure from the community, the Airport Authority yesterday released eight consultancy reports it commissioned to the study the social and environmental impact of the third runway. The consultancy report forecasted the carbon dioxide emission will be increased from 2,160 tonnes in 2007 to 5,422 tonnes in 2030. The third runway would raise the level of nitrogen dioxide above the newly proposed limit in some areas at Chek Lap Kok airport. The preliminary environment assessment report expects half of the Chinese While Dolphin in Hong Kong will be affected. The EAR also said 1,000 – 3,000 residents will be suffered from noise pollution with Tuen Mun and Tai Nam Chung turning to be the new affected areas.
Questions The Airport Authority has launched a three-month consultation on the new development of the Hong Kong Airport. But it refused to provide the eight consultancy reports when it launched the consultation two months ago. The consultation documents are highly misleading, trying to cover up the damage the third runway may cause to environment.