11 AUG 2011

Category Land and Housing Policies
Issue Property Hegemony
News Content A latest poll by Chinese University’s Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies revealed that 78 percent of respondents believe ‘property hegemony’ existed in Hong Kong. The survey of 832 people aged over 18 found up to 85% of respondents were familiar with the concept of ‘property hegemony’. 50% of the respondents said the government could control the supply of land and housing, therefore restricting the developers’ dominance over politics and economy.
Questions Although Chief Secretary Henry Tang insisted ‘property hegemony’ did not exist in Hong Kong, the people held a different view. Not only they are familiar with the concept, but also believe Hong Kong has such a problem. The dominance of property developers over politics and economy is on the top of public agenda. The government should face upon it. A drastic change of housing policy should be made.