4 AUG 2011

Category Constitutional Development Issue Chief Executive Election News Content The Democratic Party has decided to field a candidate in next year’s chief executive election. And they also proposed to run a primary election within pan-democratic camp to pick the candidate for the entire sector. The Party chairman Albert Ho said the primary election would help […]

3 AUG 2011

Category Land and Housing Policies Issue Subdivided flats News Content In the presence of police, Buildings Department officers broke into two subdivided flats in a 52-year-old, eight storey tenements on To Kwa Wan Road, Kowloon City. Assistant Director of buildings Hui Siu-wai, said as they could not find the residents or the owners of the […]

2 AUG 2011

Category Social Security Policy Issue News Content A District Judge openly criticized the Social Welfare Department for heartless after finding the dept suspended the welfare benefits to the family of a woman while it investigated her for benefit fraud. Although Judge Eddie Yip convicted the 48 years old woman of fraud, he questioned the Social […]

1 AUG 2011

Category One Country Two Systems Principle Issue CE hit back at Wang’s criticism News Content After Wang Guangya, director of the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office criticized the city’s civil servant for failure to take command, Chief Executive Donald Tsang hit back by stating that under ‘one country, two systems’ principle, Hong […]

29 JUL 2011

Category One Country Two Systems Principle Issue Beijing’s top official on Hong Kong Affairs criticized civil servants for lack of vision. News Content Chief Executive Donald Tsang took two days to hit back Wang’s criticism that the SAR’s civil servants are lack of vision. On his facebook page, Upper Albert Road, Tsang said, The team […]