July First: End of the Road or a New Beginning?

Suzanne Pepper Now that the July First anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty has been transformed into a day of competing partisan street demonstrations, all morning-after spin naturally follows in the same spirit. This year’s post-mortems have only been more intense than usual because they are not just burnishing memories for posterity but […]


Suzanne Pepper With the referendum now over, all eyes are focusing on the moderate Alliance for Universal Suffrage as the democracy movement’s last best hope. Beijing and the Hong Kong government are naturally eager to convince Alliance members that they should accept the official reform package. The Alliance has responded with a shortlist of demands. […]


是次寬免柴油稅措施亦是出於公平原則的。「我們無意偏袒或補貼個別行業,反之如果我們豁免陸上商業運輸工具的歐盟五期柴油稅,將會做到與其他用柴油的商用交通工具,一視同仁。」 —– 於2008年6月24日《星島日報》