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    3 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail




    • Cornwall Court fire in 2008

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    • The jury in the inquest into the deaths of two firemen and two civilians in the blaze at Cornwall Court fire in 2008 reached a unanimous verdict of accidental death yesterday with regard to fireman Siu Wing-fong, 46, and Chan Siu-lung, 25, resident Lau Kok-nui, 77 and nightclub employee Man Sau-king, 39.
    • Fireman Chan’s mother cried as the jury foreman read out the findings.
    • The jury also made 11 recommendations for the Fire Services Department to improve equipment for firemen, rescue operations and public education.
    • However, the department chief said a new digital radio communication system would not be ready till next summer.



    • It is reported that the frontline firemen have been asking the FSD to improve the communication systems for five years. But it is not till the deaths of the two firemen that the department finally tells the new digital radio communication system will be ready next summer.
    • The question is clear here: why takes five years? Is there any unnecessary administrative delay? And how to safeguard the life of the frontline firefighters before the new system is implemented?
    • Key question is still unanswered: ‘why did firemen die on the roof of Cornwall Court while two women on the roof survived?’ Is it related with the communication breakdown or equipment with enough oxygen? Should anyone senior hold responsibility for these?