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    4 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail


       Policy Address


    • CE urged businessmen to take up more social responsibilities

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    • At the Joint Business Community Luncheon, Chief Executive Donald Tsang said yesterday times are changing, and social tension is increasing, so ‘it is better for the business to instigate change than to have change foisted upon you’. He urged the businessmen to move with the times on corporate social responsibility o risk having changes forced on them.
    • He highlighted several measures in his policy address, such as the imminent introduction of a minimum wage and plans to study the introduction of standard working hours. He said the overly long working hours of the workforce was hurting not only workers but also business productivity.
    • He also hit back criticism of the HK$10 billion Community Care Fund as being collusion between officials and business leaders.



    • Even the measures CE mentioned in the speech fail to narrow the gap between rich and poor. For example, the reference to the needs of workers and their families’ was excluded from the final bill of the minimum wage, which means additional measures must be taken in order to narrow the rich-poor gap.
    • The Community Care Fund is a short-term measure against the growing gap between rich and poor. Long-term measures should be taken to tackle the structural challenges.