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    5 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail


       Minimum Wage Legislation


    • 22 groups join boycott against Cafe de Coral

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    • Over 20 groups outraged by Cafe de Coral’s move to eliminate paid lunch breaks in the light of a new minimum wage vowed to boycott the city’s largest fast food chain next week.
    • Legislators Lee Cheuk-yan, the Confederation of Trade Unions are worried that other industries will follow this wage structure by using legal loopholes.
    • It is reported the food chain has offered its staff a rise of between HK$2 and HK$3.5 on their hourly rates of between HK$22 and HK$25, on condition that they forfeit their right to up to 45 minutes of paid meal break a day...



    • It is just a war between the ‘unconscionable’ employers and exploited workers, or between consumers and producers. The government should take up more responsibility to protect the spirit of the minimum wage legislation.