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    18 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail


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    • Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools

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    • A Direct Subsidy Scheme school was found to have used surplus funds to speculate in the market, a clear infringement of government guidelines, which require schools under DSS to put surplus funds in time deposits and saving accounts.
    • The report released by Director of Audit yesterday does not tell how much money the unnamed school put down for the investment, but by the end of February, the school held a portfolio of local equities and investment funds of HK$71 million.
    • The report also found another DSS school used HK$10 million to buy three properties as staff quarters for native-speaking teachers from 2006 to last year.
    • The Education Bureau responded it had in place systems for dealing with malpractices.


    • Those DSS schools have failed the public by not following the government guideline.
    • The Education Bureau has not got the job done. Yes, the monitoring system is yet to be prefect. Loopholes must be found to deter further malpractices.