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    16 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail


       Energy Policy


    • Alleged slow reporting after leak at Dayawan nuclear power plant

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    • Mr. Chan Siu-hung, managing director of the HKNIC admitted last night that a flaw, in fact three cracks, each measuring 3.3 inches, was detected on October 23 during the overhaul of the water pipe section of a residual heat removal system of one of the reactors in Daya Bay. Several workers were exposed to radiation - less than two millisieverts - carried by the liquid. But the company waited for 23 days before informing the public of the leak.
    • The government urged the HKNIC to report any future incidents in a timely manner, while informing the public at the same time.
    • The event was classified as a "level one" incident on a scale of 0-7 set by the International Atomic Energy Agency. And nuclear reactor accidents of level two or above are required to be reported to the public and the international body immediately.


    • People’s right to know is not respected.
    • Public questioned why the HKNIC had not learned from previous lessons. Similar incident happened on May 23. A suspected fuel rod crack had caused a slight increase in radioactivity in the cooling water at its unit two radiator. But the company waited for two weeks before informing the public of the leak.