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    • Organizations of the Central Government in Hong Kong

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    • A government site on Borrett Road, will be granted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the central government at a nominal premium of $1,000 to meet additional accommodation needs of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong.
    • The site, measuring about 2,100 square meters and zoned for Government, is adjacent to the OCMFA's staff quarters block on Borrett Road and will be granted as an extension to the existing two MFA blocks in Mid-levels. It is estimated the site is worth 1.3 billoin.
    • A government spokesman said the additional premises will further enhance the capacity of OCMFA in discharging its functions and responsibilities under the Basic Law.


    • Democratic Party lawmaker Emily Lau Wai-hing urged the government to clarify the land claim policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ‘Is it because it is representing Beijing so whenever it asks for land, we have to give it for free?’
    • It is noted that the additional premises will include a new official residence for the Commissioner of OCMFA, who currently lives on the top floor of the OCMFA office block in Kennedy Road. The government said the commissioner’s new official residence will be more comparable to those MFA missions of the PRC abroad. However, people may wonder if the Commissioner of OCMFA has the similar duty and functions of the other MFA missions, and thus is entitle to enjoy similar residence.