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    26 Nov 2010 列印 E-mail


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    • The Court of Final Appeal has rejected a government appeal against the Court of Appeal’s acquittal of 17 stallholders charged with conspiracy to defraud for agreeing not to bid against each other at a restricted food stall auction at Tai Po in 2004.
    • The Court of Final Appeal will give the written reasons later.
    • Deputy director of public prosecutions Kevin Zervos told the court the stall holders know they were engaging in dishonest conduct and were deceiving the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. But Martin Lee Chu-ming SC, who represented some of the stallholders said they had only agreed not to bid against each other. There was no dishonesty involved, and therefore their conduct did not amount to an indictable offence.


    • Democratic party legislator James To expressed concern on the impact of the ruling. He is worried if the property developers agree not to bid against each other at land auction, it is difficult for the government to regulate it under the current laws.
    • Civic party legislator Ronny Tong told SCMP that Hong Kong’s laws had little application in regulating anti-competitive activities. He added that’s why Hong Kong needs to pass the fair competition law as soon as possible.