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    3 Dec 2010 列印 E-mail


       Land and housing policies


    • The fate of Nam Sang Wai wetland

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    • A week before the Town Planning Board decide whether to extend Henderson Lands’ development right at Lam Sang Wai for three years, WWF, an environmental group has called on the government yesterday to stop the developer building luxury flats and golf course there.
    • If the application is not approved, the Environment Department has to decide by 18 December if the developer would be able to exercise the development right, acquired before current rules take effect.
    • If approval is granted by the department, up to 54 hectares wetland of the 100-hectare development site, including a massive reed bed, will be taken to build up 2,550 flats and a nine-hole golf course. 


    • Dr. Alan Leung Sze-lun, the conservation manager of WWF Hong Kong, said the project is a direct threat to the roosting habitats for the migratory birds.
    • He also voiced concern about the continued survival of the city’s third largest egret roost, 1.5 kilomentres southeast of Nam Sang Wai, as the development would destroy the feeding habitats of the birds.