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    9 Dec 2010 列印 E-mail


    Post-retirement Employment of Former Civil Servants


    • Leung Chin-man Saga

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    • The Legislative Council select committee’s report, released yesterday, criticized Civil Service minister Denise Yue Chung-yee and other government officials who approved the employment of former housing director Leung Chin-man at New World China Land. The report said Yue committed ‘a grave error of judgment’.
    • Civil service minister Denise Yue offered her apology for approving Leung’s post-retirement job with New World China Land but said she had not thought of resigning.
    • The CE’s Office said Donald Tsang had noted the inadequacies in the authorities handling of Leung’s job application.
    • The committee report also criticized Leung for deliberately hiding facts in his application. It said: ‘there is plainly conflict of interest for Mr. Leung to take up employment with NWCL.’ But it did not conclude if the job constituted a deferred benefit for earlier helping the government sell a housing estate to a NWCL sister firm at a bargain price.
    • Leung denied he had attempted to hide facts, calling the report ‘full of political motives’.
    • The committee proposed to lengthen the cooling period, during which former officials must seek the government’s approval before taking post-service jobs. 


    • The Chief Executive’s statement is not strong enough to convey a message that the government is taking seriously in handling the political storm.
    • An internal investigation should be conducted.