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    13 Dec 2010 列印 E-mail


       Land and Housing policies


    • Nam Sang Wai wetlands

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    • Although the Town Planning Board has rejected an application by Henderson Land for a three-year extension on its right to develop a 139-hectare wetland area in Nam Sang Wai, the company does not back down, poising to seek a review of the board’s decision.
    • Two days after the TPB’s decision, hundreds of people rallied at Nam Sang Wai yesterday to demand Henderson Land drop its development plan, under which a luxury estate will be build in the wetland.


    • Nam Sang Wai is a place for all, and not the land only for the rich or privileged. If the project is allowed to proceed, the picturesque wetland will then be privatized.
    • The wetland will not only be privatized but also threatened by the project. Dr. Alan Leung Sze-lun, the conservation manager of WWF Hong Kong, said the project is a direct threat to the roosting habitats for the migratory birds.