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    15 Dec 2010 列印 E-mail


       Leisure and Sports Policies


    • The government vows to bid for the 2023 Asian Games

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    • Despite divided pubic support, the Secretary of Home Affairs vowed to go ahead with the bid for the 2023 Asian Games.
    • Mr. Tsang said the cost is affordable, and during the consultation, a lot of opinions supported the bid though some people had reservation.
    • Tsang said the Games would not only foster sports development in Hong Kong, but also enhance the city’s regional influence.


    • Why does the government rush for the bid when pubic opinion is divided? The government-commissioned poll reveals 48.9% of the respondents opposed the bid while only 46.3% support it. The government has turned a deaf ear to those against the bid.
    • What sports policy has the government put forward? It lacks critical substance. Or even the government has laid down a policy framework for sports development, the public is totally not aware of it.
    • Without a fair sports policy, it is hard to say the games will foster sports development in Hong Kong.