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    23 Dec 2010 列印 E-mail


       One Country, Two Systems Principle


    • CE’s duty visit to Beijing

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    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang met President Hu Jintao yesterday at Zhangnanhai on the penultimate day of his duty visit to Beijing.
    • Hu said the central government positively appraises the enormous work done by Tsang and the SAR government in the past year. But Hu also called on the SAR government to actively respond to people’s wishes, making efforts to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood, so as to enhance social stability and harmony, pushing Hong Kong into new stages in various areas of development.
    • During the meeting, Tsang suggested four points to be included in the national blueprint for 2011 to 2015, which will be endorsed at the next annual session of the National People’s Congress in March. The four pointes are: positing HK as the nation’s top international financial centre; as a launchpad for Chinese business seeking entry to global markets; a hub for offshore renminbi business; and greater economic integration with the mainland, particularly with GD province – extending economic cooperation measures currently being implemented in GD to mainland municipalities.
    • Hu said: Hong Kong was welcome to raise discussion if there was any area in which there were insufficiencies on the implementation of Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement.


    • Is the political reform settled? It is not. Hu’s relief is not grounded. Or Hu is shaping the public opinion, making people feel that political reform is no longer an issue.
    • Tsang’s work on narrowing rich-poor gap is not satisfying.