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       Land and Housing Policies


    • Public Housing – single people under 60

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    • Latest government statistics showed there were about 137,000 applications on the waiting list for public rental flats at the end of September. Over 41% of these, or 57,000 applications were filed by single people under 60.
    • The Secretary for Transport and Housing Eva Cheng said it had created pressure on the government and had to be dealt with. She said about one-tenth of the public rental flats were allocated to single people under the age of 60.
    • According to the Housing Authority, allocation of public housing units is based on the quota set and the points scored by single people under 60.


    • The quota system is not fair to the younger generation, as the younger the applicant is, the lower the score he or she has.
    • Applicants who are single and under the age of 60 are not entitled to benefit from the policy of 3-year waiting time. They have to wait much longer than the other type of applicants.