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    6 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       Land and Housing Policy


    • Urban Renewal – old building maintenance

    News Content

    • According to SCMP, A 57-old man died in a fire broke out in an old building, 90% of which has been bought by Richfield acting for Henderson Land Development.
    • Fire fighters declared the fire suspicious and handed over the case to Police for investigation. But Police said initial investigation found nothing suspicious.
    • Most of the flats of the building have been vacated. And a neighbor said acquisition of flats led to a lack of property management and security.
    • Richfield, which was responsible for the building management, said it had dismissed the security guard after it found he was not up to the job.


    • It is important for the government to ensure the old building bought up for redevelopment is well maintained, not posing any possible danger to the community.