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    10 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • Former Secretary for Security launches new political party

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    • Mrs. Regina Ip, current lawmaker and former Secretary for Security yesterday inaugurated the New People’s Party. Party’s vice-chairman Michael Tien said Hong Kong needs a rational and level-headed party that is willing to speak for the citizens.
    • The party is widely-seen as a pro-establishment party. Ip was greeted by ministers and former senior civil servants at yesterday’s inauguration. She said their coming will not affect the party’s stance towards the government policies.


    • How do we locate the New People’s Party in the political spectrum? A civil servant party represents the interest of civil servants who felt being marginalized by the political appointment system.
    • Ideologically speaking, the New People’s Party represents the interest of the conservative elite.
    • It poses a potential threat both to the DAB and the civic party.