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    7 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       Public Security & Human Rights


    • New Police Chief appointed

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    • SCMP reports, Andy Tsang Wai-hung was yesterday appointed by Beijing to succeed Tang King-shing as Hong Kong’s new police chief. He will officially start his job on Tuesday.
    • Tsang said he would be closely watched on how he handles politically sensitive issues.
    • Democratic Party legislator James To said he was worried Tsang might impose even more control on protests. To said: ‘His policing style is to set the protesting areas very far away from the venue (where the protesters want to approach).’
    • Tsang did not respond to To’s worries, saying he would first focus on consolidating the good work of the Hong Kong force.


    • Tsang should take concrete measures to ease public worries on his way of handling politically sensitive issues.