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    11 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Beijing: Wang Dan’s entry for Szeto funeral up to HKSAR govt.

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    • Mr. Wang Guangya, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, told a delegation of Hong Kong’s senior media executives yesterday that it is up to the SAR government to decide whether to grant entry to exiled mainland dissident Wang Dan. He said it should be handled by the Hong Kong government and he believed the SAR government would handle it well.
    • Lee Cheuk-yan, vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, said Wang’s remark is a positive sign. ‘Wang Guangya has made it clear it’s a matter for the Hong Kong government to decide.’ Lee urged Chief Executive Donald Tsang not to shift the blame onto Beijing if Wang Dan and Wuer Kaixi’s requests are turned down.
    • However, Wand Dan is not as optimistic as Lee. Wang Dan said neither the SAR government nor the mainland officials have contacted him regarding to his application for entry to Hong Kong.
    • In order to attend Sezto Wah’s funeral, Wang Dan has promised to adopt ‘Three No’s’ Principles towards his stay in HK, which are ‘no press conference held, no public statement made and no overnight stay.


    • In order to attend Sezto Wah’s funeral, Wang Dan has made great concessions, temporarily giving up his personal freedom to win the entry.
    • If the central and SAR government still insist to reject his application, it is a grave infringement on international principle of human rights and freedom of movement.
    • Uncle Wah’s death has saddened the whole city. If Wang Dan’s entry to the city was denied, the decision would have further hurt the Hong Kong people’s feelings.