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    12 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       Public Finance


    • Budget 2011-12

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    • SCMP reports today Financial Secretary John Tsang is set to announce relief measures worth about HK$20 billion in the Budget 2011-12 as a budget surplus of about HK$70billion is expected this financial year.
    • A person familiar with the government’s fiscal position said the relief package may include a waiver of property rates, a tax rebate and a one-off allowance for welfare recipients and the old.


    • According to the report, the government delivered a HK$20.4 billion relief package in last year’s budget after forecasting the government would have a HK$13.8 billion surplus for the 09-10 financial year. The government is expected to have HK$70billion surplus this year. As the rich-poor gap is expected to widen due to the acute inflation, the proposed HK$20 billion relief package is insufficient to provide immediate help for the needy.
    • The relief package is incomplete and inappropriate. The government should develop a long-term poverty-reduction scheme.