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    14 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       Social Security Policies


    • Poverty-reduction measures: Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme and other related issues

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    • According to the Standard, Chief Executive Donald Tsang promised yesterday to review Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme entitlements on a quarterly basis if inflation became acute.
    • At his first Question-and-answer session in the Legislative Council for the year, CE is quite resistant to the call that the government should relax the so-called ‘golden rule’ that recurrent expenditure should not exceed 20% of GDP.
    • Firstly, he said there is no such ‘golden rule’. He argued the government had spent a lot on relief measures in times of crises and during the financial tsunami. He also added ample reserves were needed given the danger state of the global financial situation and that the government had to be cautious when deciding on issues that tread on recurrent expenditure.


    • Although CE insisted the government does care the low-income public, it is all but empty promise.
    • Just adopting wait-and-see attitude as evidenced by his attitude towards the CSSA review, CE is not taking a pre-emptive measure to help the needy.
    • The government is expected to have a huge surplus. HK$70billion maybe. Saying that the SAR government has to keep an ample reserve for emergency is just evading its responsibility to take care of Hong Kong people.
    • Besides, the so-called relief measures are just one-shot, piecemeal, short-term measures.