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    17 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       Constitutional Development


    • Tang targets the progressive post-80s.

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    • Chief Secretary Henry Tang gave his strongly-worded comments on the post-80s youth.
    • According to the Standard, Tang called on the post-80s progressive youth to respect others while emphasizing personal rights. He also warmed of dictating thoughts by criticizing others because of different views. Tang also stressed for the need for compromise, as it is the art of democracy. Fourthly, Tang comments the post-80s tends to simplify complicated issues. Lastly, Tang warns the social movement could lead to bloodshed.  


    • Tang’s assessment is biased and inaccurate. The government is not listening to the people. It turns its back on the people.
    • Tang is wrong to ask the politically underprivileged to make compromise to the privileged class.
    • Tang is threatening the post-80s youth.