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       Land and Housing Policies


    • New Town Development

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    • In 2023, an area between Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai, now known as Hung Shui Kiu will turn into a low-density residential area accommodating 270,000 residents.
    • The Planning Department said the private sector housing would occupy 60% of housing of the proposed new town while the rest of it would be devoted to public housing.
    • The ration is different from that of Tin Shui Wai, dubbed the ‘City of Sadness’. More than 60% of housing in Tin Shui Wai is public.
    • A spokesman for the Planning Department said it hoped the new town would not affect indigenous villagers and said it would try to minimize the impact on squatter. But the spokesman admitted that land acquisitions and demolitions would be inevitable.’
    • The department plans to seek funding from the Legco Finance Committee to study the area with a view to starting construction in 2019.


    • One-sided Vision. According to the government plan, the new town could be used to develop ‘special industries’ – hi-tech production, logistics and high-value-added manufacturing. It is likely the current development would have to give way to it. It is said more than 60% of the land is privately owned. And about 13% of the land of the area is agricultural land, 20% is in residential use and 30% is used as open storage.
    • There are 25 villages in the proposed new town, of which 6 are inhabited by non-indigenous villagers. It is important for the government to protect all affected villagers whoever they are.