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    24 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • LSD founding chairman quits

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    • LSD founding chairman Wong Yuk-man and veteran member Albert Chan Wai-Yip quitted the party yesterday because they hold different views with the current leadership in whether to challenge the Democratic Party in the upcoming District Election, to set up district branches in Hong Kong Island, the way the Executive Committee deals with Edward Yum’s sex scandals. Wong said he and Chan felt the infighting had become hostile, and they were not able to handle it, so they decided to quit the party.
    • Wong said he and Chan will set up a new group called People’s Force to strive for true democracy.
    • After the departure of Wong and Chan, public is eyeing Long Hair, Leung Kwok-hung if he will be the next. Leung said he was undecided. Leung said: I need more time to review what has happened in the last few months.’
    • Current party chairman Andrew To said there were no real political disagreements. ‘We are not argument about principles and development directions of the league. And the result is the Communist Party is the happiest about our internal war.’


    • Wong and Chan’s decision to leave the party may put a grave challenge to the LSD leadership, as it will be left with one legislator. Its political power will be strongly affected.
    • Wong and Chan’s decision may also bring changes to the current relationship between LSD and other pan-democratic parties.