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    27 Jan 2011 列印 E-mail


       One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Wang Dan was denied entry to Hong Kong

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    • Although making the three – no pledges publicly, Wang Dan, the exiled June 4 dissident Wang Dan, was denied entry to Hong Kong, making him unable to attend the funeral of democracy stalwart Sezto Wah.
    • According to SCMP, Democratic Party lawmaker Cheung man-kwong, who has been helping Wang to liaise with the SAR government, said he received a formal reply from the Chief Executive’s Office yesterday morning. ‘The official said they had rejected the entry applications from Wang.’ Cheung said they did not give the explanation.
    • Wang Dan believed the government’s decision tells the ‘one country two systems’ arrangement a lie. He said: ‘I can’t say I am disappointed. I am sad and angry.’


    • The government’s decision to reject Wong’s application is a grave infringement on international principle of human rights and freedom of movement.
    • Uncle Wah’s death has saddened the whole city. The government’s decision has hurt the Hong Kong people’s feelings.