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    1 Feb 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • Chief Secretary Henry Tang’s popularity dropped

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    • After making a harsh and unfair criticism on the post-80s generation, Chief Secretary Henry Tang was hit with a drop of popularity. His approval rate, according to latest poll, stood at 49.4 points out of 100, a 2.7 point decline from the previous poll last month.
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong has interviewed 812 people last week, with a margin of error plus or minus 3.44%.
    • And 18.1% of people surveyed said they were satisfied with the government’s performance, a significant drop of 4.6% points from the previous poll. And only 25of people polled said they trusted the central government and 27.6% said they did not.


    • The pollster said Tang’s remarks on the post-80s generations might be the reason for the drop in his popularity.
    • The pollster said the government’s decision to deny exiled June 4 activists’ entry to Hong Kong to attend Sezto Wah’s funeral and the failure of the funding bid to host the 2023 Asian Games might have influenced the result.