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    7 Feb 2011 列印 E-mail


       One Country two systems Principle – cross boundary planning


    • Public consultation for the study on the Action plan for the By area of the Pearl River Estuary

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    • The Guangdong government, HKSAR government and Macau government have jointly commenced a public consultation for the ‘Study on the Action Plan for the Bay Area of the Pearl River Estuary’ on 14 January 2011. The consultation will end on coming Thursday.
    • The study area covers a land area of about 6,894 kilometers and water area of about 8,684 kilometers, with a population of usual residents of about 25.2million and local GDP of about RMB 3 trillion as at the end of 2009.
    • The study aims to facilitate development of the Bay area as the focal point of ‘quality living area’ in the Greater Pearl River Delta region and a pioneer area for the transformation of the mode of the economic development of the region.
    • The paper has made eight recommended key actions. They include: establishing a green network and blue network, promoting green transport and sense of place, setting up low carbon communities and cultural villages and facilitating ‘easy boundary crossing’ and mutual cooperation in cross-boundary environmental protection.


    • The whole consultation lasts for only few weeks. People are not given enough time to know the details of the study.
    • The consultation exercise gets zero publicity.
    • The paper is full of mainland rhetoric. Hong Kong people find it extremely hard to understand the paper.
    • The paper has made eight recommendations. Some are misleading while some are just clichés.