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    9 Feb 2011 列印 E-mail


       One country two systems principle


    • Public consultation for the study on the Action plan for the By area of the Pearl River Estuary

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    • The city’s planning department dismissed fears that the cross-boundary study would infringe on Hong Kong’s autonomy.
    • Mr. Ling Kar-kan, deputy director of planning said the study would not result in any new-town initiatives or large-scale building works in addition to what they had proposed.
    • He said: ‘we seek to share experience in building our own ‘liveable cities, finding ways to improve quality of life other than economic development. It’s an attempt to build a brand name for the estuary area.’
    • Although both the legislators and activists have raised doubts on the study, the city’s planning department refused to extend the consultation, saying that the deadline is not a statutory date to close the matter.
    • Ling however admitted the consultation exercise had rooms to be improved. He said a final report would contain more details and be available in English.


    • The ‘liveable city’ is definitely more than a brand name. It is a vision.
    • But the vision has not been widely discussed in the city. That’s why Hong Kong people find it strange.
    • The public fear is well-founded. People are worried if the city’s own vision of future will soon be determined by the mainland in the name of regional integration. And the ‘One country two systems’ principle will then be challenged.
    • If the deadline is not a statutory date, people are just puzzled why the consultation would not be extended.
    • And what is purpose of the study? People are just confused.