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    11 Feb 2011 列印 E-mail


       Legislative Council Election 2012


    • Chan Yuen-han considers standing for super set

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    • Ms Chan Yuen-han, the vice-president of the Federation of Trade Unions, said: ‘our young members have been encouraging me to run. This make makes me think more about the idea.’
    • She said she had not considered which constituency to run in if she sought a district council seat.
    • Mr. Cheng Yiu-tong, president of the FTU, said the FTU would fill 40 to 50 candidates in the forthcoming district council ballot. He said: ‘This is our election strategy. ‘A city-wide campaign will be more effective if there is one prominent candidate leading younger members.’


    • Chan was dubbed the queen of ballots for getting a legCo seat with the highest number of votes across all constituencies in 2000. If she has made up her mind to stand for super seat, she will definitely pose a threat to the pan-democrat.