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    21 Feb 2011 列印 E-mail
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      • Financial Secretary John Tsang will make his budget speech on Wednesday. Equal Opportunities Commission Chief Lam Woon-kwong said at the Democrats Seminar on welfare for the disabled yesterday that the government’s handout are ‘poisons, not sweets’ for the poor.
      • He criticized the government for its lack of policy and long-term vision, especially when it came to helping the disadvantaged. He said: ‘When the government is enjoying substantial financial surpluses for a few consecutive years, it is being irresponsible for spending money only on short-term measures.’ Lam said: ‘The authority should offer better planning when there is a surplus, such as establishing long-term funds.’
      • It echoed with what legislator Peter Cheung’s comments. He takes the ageing problem as an example. ‘Government has identified the problem of an ageing population several years ago, but has done little to develop a comprehensive retirement protection scheme.’
      • It is widely expected that John Tsang would offer more one-off giveaways in his budget speech on Wed


      • Take the work incentive traffic subsidy as an example. The eligibility criteria are strict. The applicant would be mean-tested on a household basis. It clearly contravenes to its aims which serves to encourage people to get a job.
      • The government fails to develop a comprehensive policy to solve the rich-poor gap. The measures taken are in lack of a holistic and long-term perspective.
      • It reflects the government lacks the political will to get the job done.