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    Public Finance


    • The 2011 – 2012 Budget

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    • Hong Kong University POP instant survey showed Financial Secretary John Tsang chun-wah’s popularity plunged by 15% after he delivered the budget on Wednesday. It is the biggest fall seen after any of his budget.
    • The survey also showed that the latest rating of FS John Tsang after his Budget Talk was 52.4 marks, with approval and disapproval rates of 36% and 22% respectively.
    • The poll interviewed 1,031 Hong Kong people on 23 February showed 27% were satisfied with the Budget, 35% were dissatisfied and 34% said “half-half”.
    • The average rating registered for the Budget was 51.5 marks, the lowest in four years.
    • HKCTU legislator Lee Cheuk-yan said he would discuss forming an alliance with pan-democratic lawmakers to gain support to veto the budget though chance is slim.
    • The Democratic Party and Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union have called upon teachers and civil servants to protest against the budget on March 6 2011.


    • The budget falls short of public expectation. The FS is facing legitimacy crisis. That is whether the budget will be vetoed by the Legco.
    • Although the government’s reserves stand at nearly HK$600 billion, the government has failed to provide any long-term measure or visionary policy to solve social problems.
    • Making a one-off injection of $6,000 into MPF accounts fails to provide immediate help to disadvantaged groups.