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    2 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail




    • CE said he was hit by protestors

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    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang yam-kuen said yesterday a protester had hit his chest while he was officiating at an event. He later complained of breathing pains and was given X-ray and cardiogram. The government strongly condemned the use of violence.
    • The video provided by LSD showed the protester did not hit  Tsang’s chest though he tried to approach him. The protester also denied he had any physical contact with Tsang. LSD legislator Leung Kwok Hung said he saw no physical contact between the CE and protesters.



    • Was the violence used? Or did the incident involve any use of violence? Or what kind of violence was used in the incident? Physical violence or administrative violence?
    • The protesters were protesting the misgovernance of the government. The slogan they chanted were: ‘There is over 1.3million poor people in HK. What have you done to help them, Chief Executive?’