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    7 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail




    • The 2011 – 2012 Budget

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    • Although FS John Tsang agreed to give HK$6,000 cash handouts to all Hong Kong’s adult permanent residents, over 10,000 people took to the street yesterday to rally against Tsang’s revised budget plan.
    • LSD members tried to plant jasmine flowers outside the government headquarter in order to show support to the ‘jasmine revolution’ rallies in the mainland. They were carried away by police.
    • Another group of protesters staged a sit-in to block traffic in the middle of Central. Police used pepper stray to break up the demonstration. A child and two policemen were hurt. 113 protesters were arrested including the chairman of the League of Social Democrats.
    • Protesters are dissatisfied with the revised budget as it is exclusive, only HK’s adult permanent residents are entitled to have the cash handouts. People are also annoyed by the government’s lack of vision, turning a deaf ear to people’s call for universal pension.
    • The government said yesterday: ‘Discussions surrounding the budget in the past week have provided us with a valuable learning experience. The government will continue to seek improvements in the administration of livelihoods issues.’


    • Unnecessary force is used. It is outrageous to see a child was hurt by the pepper spray. An apology should be made. An independent inquiry should be conducted.
    • Over hundred protesters were arrested. It is totally unacceptable. Some of them were just onlookers.