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    9 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail




    • The 2011 – 2012 Budget

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    • After meeting Financial Secretary John Tsang, the pan democrat legislators vowed yesterday to raise a motion of non- confidence to FS, saying they are outrage by FS’s lack of sincerity in making long-term financial commitments to social development.
    • If the motion is raised, FS John Tsang will be the first top official to face such a motion since 2003, when his predecessor Antony Leung won the vote but stepped down soon afterwards.
    • Besides, Albert Ho and Emily Law of the Democratic Party have called fro Legco to debate a non-binding motion calling on Tsang to step down. And former civil service secretary Wong Wing-ping also called on Tsang to resign.
    • Wong explained: ‘What is at stake is the credibility of the whole administration.’
    • Allen Lee, quoted by SCMP, said: ‘Tsang’s biggest mistake was selling his unpopular budget speech too hard and making a U-turn only days after saying there was not room for any concession.’


    • Credibility Crisis worsened: Although the non-confidence motion is likely to be vetoed by the establishment camp, the motion will put enormous pressure to Tsang and the whole administration.