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    • Commissioner of Police Andy Tsang Wai-hung refused to apologize to the eight-year-old boy who was sprayed with pepper foam by police during Sunday’s protest. Tsang said: ‘I don’t think we have done anything wrong. It is really an Arabian Nights if maintaining law and discipline needs to apologies.’
    • Tsang also rejected the claims that officers used excessive violence in handling the protest. He said: ‘Public order and public safety were affected. We have a duty to restore public order and to maintain public safety. That was the reason why we stepped in.’
    • Elsa Ko, the mother of the boy said she would forgive the police but emphasized residents had the right to protest and condemned police use of excessive violence.


    • Protestors complained the police’s improper use of pepper foam, saying they were sprayed without formal warning. It raised doubt if the force is used properly.
    • Secondly, it is still yet to know why the pepper foam is used. The protesters were sitting-in for a cause – a fairer budget, a better Hong Kong. They were not mob. They did not rob. They occupied a public place to protest the bad governance. The use of pepper spray is unfounded and unjustified.
    • An independent investigated should be conducted.