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    • The 2011 – 2012 Budget

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    • Pro-establishment lawmakers rushed to flood the Legislative Council with all sorts of motions so as to save Financial Secretary John Tsang from facing a non-confidence vote.
    • The Legco secretariat will draw lots today to allocate the two debate slots for the legco weekly meeting. According to SCMP, more than 20 legislators are competing for the slots, including Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong lawmakers applied for debates on elderly welfare and cross-border cooperation, FTU legislator Ip Wai-ming has called for debate on standard working hours and Legislator Patrick Lau wants to debate the lack of labour in the construction sector. Lau denied he was trying to reduce the chance of a non-confidence vote.
    • Six pan-democrats are also competing for the slots. They are said fighting to introduce a motion of non-confidence against Financial Secretary.


    • The credibility crisis is finally felt. After failing to get the funding bill pass last week, the administration and its ally in legco have done whatever it takes to solve the crisis.