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    15 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail


    ‘One Country Two Systems’ Principle


    • Wen: HK first inclusion in the national five-year plan is consistent with ‘One Country Two Systems’ Principle.

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    • The national five-year plan which for the first time devotes a full chapter to Hong Kong and Macau was endorsed by the National People’s Congress, along with amendments made after the draft’s release on March 5.
    • At the press conference to conclude the annual plenary session of the National People’s Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao said Hong Kong’s inclusion in the five-year plan did not infringe upon the city’s autonomy. He said the five-year plan will not replace Hong Kong’s own plan.
    • The construction of the proposed Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Express Line a railway connecting the Hong Kong and Shenzhen airports via Qianhai was change from ‘being planned’ to ‘being studies’ in the amendments.
    • In response to a question on the widening wealth gap in the city, Wen urged the SAR government to take good care of the needy. He said: “With sufficient government revenue and ample foreign exchange reserves, Hong Kong needs to make the most of the favorable conditions to improve its social safety net, in particular, to take good care of the vulnerable groups, thus making people in Hong Kong live a better life.”



    • Hong Kong’s first inclusion in the five-year plan is highly sensitive. Public are worried if HKSAR is no longer a special administrative region but a local PRC government.
    • Although Premier Wen insisted it is accord with the Basic Law, the inclusion still raised eyebrows, as the Basic Law states it clearly that the central government is only responsible for national security and foreign affairs in Hon Kong, the rest should be at the hands of the HKSAR government.
    • It is interesting to note that the Hong Kong government has presented a survey findings to the NPC that some 70% of the public want the city to participate in the national plan. Hong Kong’s inclusion to the five-year plan is a highly sensitive issue. The legislative Council should discuss it. Public should be well-engaged, and have a final say.