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    16 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • Labor Party to be launched in summer

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    • According to SCMP, four serving lawmakers and a former welfare sector lawmakers are setting up a new party, which is preliminarily called the Labor Party.
    • Four serving legislators are Lee Cheuk-yan of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Leung Yiu-chung of the Neighbourhood and Workers’ Service Centre, Peter Cheung Kwok-che of the Hong Kong Social Workers’ General Union, and Cyd Ho Sau-lan of the Civic Act-up. The former welfare sector lawmakers who is the founder of new party is Dr. Fernando Cheung.
    • The group aims to launch the party in summer. Although they are not planning to context November’s District Council poll but is targeting seats in next year’s Legco elections.
    • Dr. Fernando Cheung said the group was exploring the possibility of having the 160,000-strong Confederation of Trade Unions, the second largest labor union in the city, as a corporate member.
    • Lee cheuk-yan said he had already opened discussions on the plan with the CTU. He added it is common for the foreign labor parties to have member unions, for electioneering and fund-raising purposes.


    • Positioned itself as a left-wing political party, the labor party may emerge as the strongest left-wing power in the pan-democrat camp, given that it will have four lawmakers when it will be formed in this summer.
    • More importantly, as the group is exploring possibility of having the 160,000-strong CTU as a corporate member, the labor party may emerge as the second strongest power in the pan-democrat. The Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union has over 80,000 members.