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    18 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail


    Labor Policy


    • Minimum Wage Ordinance

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    • The minimum wage law will come into effect on May 1 this year. The cleaners who have been cleaning the Legislative Council for years however cannot benefit from the new law, as their contracts would be expired this month.
    • Unionist legislator Wong Kwok-hing demanded the government take the lead in protecting low-paid workers facing the axe.
    • Wong said the government was the city’s biggest employer with 165,000 civil servants and thousands of outsourced workers, such as the contracted cleaners.
    • Mr. Cheuk Wing-hing, Commissioner of the labor Department said the government was reviewing outsourcing policies and would announce details next month.


    • The protection for the low-paid workers who are employed by contractors is far from enough even after the minimum wage law will come into effect in two months.
    • The SAR government is the city’s biggest employer. It should practice its beliefs, taking a leading role in realizing corporate social responsibilities.