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    22 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail


    Freedom of movement


    • New immigration director said he would handle the political dissidents’ entry in accordance with the law

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    • Mr. Eric Chan Kowk-ki, 52, will take over from his former boss Simon Peh Yun-lun to become Hong Kong’s new immigration director next Monday.
    • When asked about how he would handle political dissidents’ entry applications, Chan said genuine tourist would be welcome.
    • Chan said he would handle them in accordance with the laws. And his considerations will also be based on the overall interest of Hong Kong people.
    • Two exiled Chinese political dissidents, Wang Dan and Wuer Kaxi were denied entry to Hong Kong to attend the funeral of democracy stalwart Szeto Wah in January.


    • The freedom of movement should not be hindered by commercial interest.
    • Rule by law is completely different from rule of law. What Chan said is just simply the former.