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    31 Mar 2011 列印 E-mail


    Health Care Policies


    • Obstetrics and neonatal services

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    • After a group of public obstetricians called for the government to restrict mainland mothers from giving birth in Hong Kong, Secretary for Food and Health Dr. York Chow said the principle is to give priority to local mothers, hinting the mainlanders may face further restrictions on giving birth in the city.
    • Chow said the problem needs to be tackled as it is an escalating problem, putting much pressure on obstetrics and neonatal services in the city. And he will soon discuss the matter with representatives from private and public hospitals.
    • The head of obstetrics and gynaecology at Prince of Wales Hospital, Dr. Cheung Tak-hong said the government should coordinate maternity services in public and private hospitals.


    • The group of public obstetricians has appealed for better planning and coordination in the city’s maternity services, reflecting Chow has not got his job done.
    • Has the Bureau ever estimated or forecasted the services need? Any long-term measures have been taken or will be taken for the increasing needs?
    • Blaming the mainland mothers for causing the problem has again covered up the poor governance.