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    Rehabilitation Policy


    • Christian Zheng Sheng College

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    • 20 students and staff from Christian Zheng Sheng College, a private drug rehabilitation school, started camping outside the Legislative Council building yesterday, to demand their prompt relocation to Mui Wo.
    • The College said it has registered an in independent charitable organization, urging the government stop dithering over the relocation. The college said the government had asked them to move to Green Island, but there is no water and electricity in Green Island and it will take up 10 to 20 years to set up the facilities there.
    • Narcotics Division of Security Bureau however suggested the college to continue the temporary improvements on existing school facilities. The department also encouraged the college to be open to other possible relocation sites.


    • Why the college’s relocation application to Mui Wo has been delayed? The delay is not justified as the college has put its accounts in order and registered as an independent charitable organization.