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    Land and Housing policies


    • Mei Foo’s rally

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    • Hundreds of residents of Mei Foo Sun Chuen, a large private housing estate lay on the street yesterday to protest against a high-rise project that stands meters away from their homes.
    • The protestors believe Billion Star Development, the developer has stolen the ‘residual development rights’ from the residents. The ‘residual development rights’ refers to the residual plot ratio which amounts to 120,000 square feet of floor space not yet used.
    • Billion Star Development, who wants to build a 20-storey block at the site, said last week it had full ownership rights over the site. And the Development Bureau said last night the project is lawful.


    • The residents complained the 20-storey block will have a shield effect on the estate. It is still not sure if an environmental impact assessment has been made before approving the project.
    • If the project is allowed without EIA, the mechanism is outdated, and fails to meet the public expectation.