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    11 APR 2011 列印 E-mail


    Economics Policy – hawker license


    • Hawker frequently arrested

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    • A 74-old male hawker known as ‘the old egg waffle man’ in Tai Hang was arrested yesterday by nine officers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in Causeway Bay.
    • It was said it was the third time he had been arrested in a week, and the seven times since January. But the FEHD said he had been arrested five times this year for illegally selling food.
    • The arrest had angered a dozens of bystanders and residents. They asked the officers why the elderly man was being targeted while hawkers in the same area were left undisturbed. 20 police officers were called by the FEHD to control the crowd.
    • A neighbor quoted by SCMP praised the hawker for his delicious waffle: ‘There aren’t many who sell egg waffles baked on charcoal stoves these days. They taste better.’



    • The government has stopped granting hawker license. The hawker in this case is impossible to get a license. The strict law enforcement further limits their ‘living space. The current hawker policy tends to expel it, making it disappearing from the community.
    • Hawker plays an invaluable role in sustaining local (food) culture and building social network. It gives a strong touch of human flavor to our society.
    • The street vendor also contributes diversifying local economies.
    • The government should therefore loosen the hawker policy, making it more flexible to suit community developmental needs.