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    Health Care Policy


    • Public Health Care - Obstetric Services

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    • A non-binding motion was passed yesterday at a meeting of the Legislative Council health services panel, stating that while public hospitals should always serve local mothers first, wives of Hong Kong residents should get priority in using any spare capacity.
    • However, Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok, Secretary for Food and Health, was a bit hesitated, saying the government would have to seek for legal advice if it wanted to do so.
    • He explained: “Our current policy only targets the statues of mothers, not the status of their husbands. It would be difficult for staff to check this information.’
    • The Hospital Authority would suspend all obstetric bookings by non-local women till the end of the year to preserve capacity for local women.



    • Chow’s concern is not justified, creating unnecessary administrative barrier to wives of HK residents in their access of public obstetric services.
    • The non-local wives of Hong Kong residents cannot enjoy the same benefit the local mothers have been enjoying. Non-local mothers, with or without a Hong Kong husband, could can book on a first-come-first served basis. And the maternity package fee for them is HK$39,000. That means non-local wives of Hong Kong residents have to pay more.
    • The non-local wives of Hong Kong husband will suffer more if they are not allowed to give priority in using any spare capacity in the public obstetric services.