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    27 APR 2011 列印 E-mail


    Chief Executive Election


    • Premier Wen met HK former NPC deputy

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    • Mr. Ng Hong-mun, former Hong Kong National People’s Congress deputy and veteran Hong Kong columnist, held a one-on-one meeting with Premier Wen Jiabo on Saturday at Wen’s office in Beijing.
    • Ng reviewed the meeting details yesterday. Ng said he told Wen laughed when heard his comments that whoever can stabilize Hong Kong can be the city’s next chief executive. Wen however did not say who would be a suitable candidate.
    • According to Ng, Wen also said at the discussion that lingering influence of culture evolution and feudalism values has deterred mainlanders from speaking the truth.


    • The one-on-one meeting did raise the eyebrows, as it is rare for the meeting to go public. China Observer Johnny Lau suggested the meeting told Beijing’s wish to convince the traditional leftist that they are still important.
    • Although Ng has been increasingly critical of the Chinese Communist Party, his comments on the forthcoming CE election is far from satisfactory, as it fails to see the deep-rooted conflicts of the Hong Kong society. Therefore, the meeting itself fails to construct an image that Beijing is receptive to diverse ideas.